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Condition Assessment of Pavements Using Smartphone

Author : Janani L 1 Sabu P. 2

Date of Publication :7th October 2016

Abstract: Evaluating the condition of pavements is an expensive, labor intensive, and time consuming process. Many traditional road evaluation methods utilize measurements taken in situ along with visual examinations and interpretations. Smartphone based pavement condition assessment is a geo in form tic method. An android based application named Andro Sensor was used to collect data from various sensors such as accelerometers available in smart phones. Smartphone was fixed over the dashboard of a car and the data were collected. The acceleration values obtained from accelerometers were analyzed and the relation between the occurrence of major pavement events such as potholes, bumps, left turn, right turn and the these values were found out. The relation between normal braking, sudden braking etc. due to pavement distresses and the acceleration values were also analyzed. A JAVA program was coded to reduce the computations in finding the presence of these events on the pavements according to the acceleration values. Rough meter was used to validate the results. It was concluded that, although Smartphone based method can never entirely replace traditional methods, they do provide an opportunity to reduce the number or size of areas requiring site visits or manual method

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