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A Review paper on Catalytic Converter for Automotive Exhaust Emission

Author : N.Karthik Kumaran 1 A.Balaji 2 S.Manonmani 3 R.Mohan kumar 4

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to present Air pollution caused from mobile springs is a tricky of universal curiosity. Vehicle population is probable to grow close to 1300 million by the year 2030. Due to inadequate combustion in the engine, there are a number of incomplete combustion products CO, HC, NOx, particulate matters etc. These pollutants have harmful impact on air quality, environment and human health that hints in rigorous norms of pollutant emission. Numbers of alternative technologies like upgrading in engine design, fuel pre-treatment, use of alternative fuels, fuel additives, exhaust treatment or better tuning of the combustion process etc. are being considered to reduce the emission levels of the engine. Among all the types of machineries developed so far, use of catalytic converters based on platinum (noble) group metal is the best way to control automotive exhaust emissions. This evaluation paper discusses automotive exhaust emissions and its impact, automotive exhaust emanation control by platinum (noble) group metal based catalyst in catalytic converter, history of catalytic convertor, types of catalytic convertor, restriction of catalytic convertor and also triumphs of catalytic convertor.

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