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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
3D Printing Technology or Additive Manufacturing System

Author : Girish Anil Patil 1 Siddhesh Sharad Chaskar 2 Himani Mahesh Limaye 3 Bhavesh Sheth 4 Prof.M.V.Shivramwar 5 Prof.N.B.Chaudhari 6

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: Manufacturing system is a method of organizing product from the availability of raw material from start to the final output subtractive manufacturing is a type of production in which metal removal takes place by various methods like drilling, milling, cutting, etc. But in this era of 20th century we have in manufacturing system called additive manufacturing it is in its initial stage till end of 20th century and is known by prototype manufacturing which has now become 3D printing technology it is a rapid and reliable process. The main difference in subtractive and additive manufacturing system is that in subtractive material removal takes place while in additive material addition takes place by layers to form the final product. This additive manufacturing system or 3D printing technology will become the fastest and most accurate method of production till 21st century and will be used by almost all the manufacturing industries in the world. As being a simple process i.e. just upload the 3D design of the model in the system and the 3D printing machine will make the 3D model of the product by applying number of layers of the required material till the final dimension of the product is achieved. Material used in formation of product may be plastics, metal but there are limitations not all metals can be used selective metals are used A brief information on this technology is being discussed in the paper.

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