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Vibration Analysis Of Cracked And Un-Cracked Structure Using ANSYS

Author : P. Y. Ghodke 1 D. H. Tupe 2 G. R. Gandhe 3

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: In present work, the problem of crack detection for cracked beam using software analysis. FEA is performed on simply supported I cross section beam by using finite element method based on software ANSYS. Crack is discontinuation in a body. The presence of crack in structural member induces the flexibility which affects the vibration response of structural member. The beam having different kinds of loading which cause cracks in beam. These cracks and locations are effects on the in natural frequency and mode shape. Modal analysis is used for determine the natural frequency and mode shape of cracked and un-cracked beam having both end is simply supported investigated by using ANSYS software. Different crack depth are considered and results are compared with uncrack beam. Structural steel and aluminium materials are considered for beam and appropriate loading conditions acting on beam. Creo software is used for designing of simply supported I cross sectional beam.

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