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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Static Analysis of Stepped Bar by Using Analytical Method, Finite Element Method and ANSYS Software

Author : Vikas S. Patil 1 Vikram A. Patil 2 Ravina R. Agarkar 3 Moajij A. Shaikh 4 Uttam Y. Siddha 5

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: The stepped bar is involved in many engineering application. These stepped bar systems suffer from the occurrence of deflection and stresses due to axial loading. These stresses and deflections have been examined to avoid possible resulting failure. This paper explains the application of finite element method for the analysis of a stepped bar subjected to an axial load. The element configurations that are studied range from one dimensional to three dimensional type and various mesh configurations. The Finite Element analysis results are compared with exact analytical solution and numerical solution of the stepped bar and this shows the elemental behavior of the stepped bar. The paper discusses the comparison of analytical exact solution, numerical solution and FEA results from ANSYS software.

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