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A Static Structural and Modal Analysis of Rectangular Plate by using ANSYS

Author : S. S. Kadam 1 Dr. G R. Gandhe 2 D. H. Tupe 3

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: Finite element analysis is performed on quadrilateral rectangular plate by using finite element method based software ANSYS (version 15). And the comparison results are studied and compared out by using material properties of reinforced cement concrete and ferrocement and the appropriate loads acting on the structure and also compared with regression analysis on graphs by using static structural and modal analysis. Analysis results shows the effect of stress results with respect to their characteristics strength. Regression analysis are obtained very good agreement with the results obtained by finite element analysis based on software ANSYS- exact solutions. This job are very useful for obtaining the results are not only at node points but also the entire surfaces of the quadrilateral rectangular plate.

Reference :

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