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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Investigation of Sol-Gel Method of Coating Nanoparticles (TiO2) Manufacturing Process by using Design of Experiment

Author : Priyanka Rajesh Andhale 1 Dr.Mariappan Dharmaraj Nadar 2

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: The nanoparticles of Titanium dioxide coatings has good thermal and electrical conductive properties and these nanoparticles are resistant to oxidation, consumption, disintegration, scratch safe and wear in high temperature situations. This property is essential element in the applications of pipelines, castings and automobile industry.The major contribution of the project work is to develop composite materials and enhance the anticorrosion property & increase the life of automobile components materials by using Titanium dioxides nanoparticles were synthesized by using metal alkoxide (Titanium tetraisopropoxide) by sol-gel method. The optimization of process parameter is obtained by using the response surface method (RSM) based on central composite design (CCD).By using Design Expert 9 software find significant values based on ANOVA Table. Based on particle size and antimicrobial activity, the optimized parameters were fixed. Titanium dioxide nanoparticle sol is mixed with paint in different proportions (% v/v) and coating is performed on different metal plates. The performance of coating is tested for smoothness and anticorrosion properties. Last 40 years has major change takes place in coating industry by using new coating technology. Coating gives two main important uses like decoration and protection. In this investigation, the uniform nanoparticle coating of titanium dioxide has been applied on mild steel and Aluminum by using spray coating technique. The coating substrates are placed in salt spray chamber for corrosion test.

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