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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Tensile Fracture strength of Boron (SAE-1042)/Epoxy/Aluminum (6082 T651) Laminated Metal Composite (LMC)

Author : Ravishanker V Choudri 1 S C Soni 2 A.N. Mathur 3

Date of Publication :7th December 2016

Abstract: To become familiar with the mechanical property of a component is very important, before it is used as an reason to keep away from any breakdown. Composite structures put into practice can be subjected to different types of loads. One of the major loads among such is tensile load. This paper shows experimental study and results of the flat rectangular dog bone tensile specimen of Boron (SAE-1042)-Epoxy/Aluminum (6082 T651) (B/Ep/Al) laminated metal composite (LMC). LMCs are a single form of composite material in which alternating metal or metal containing layers are bonded mutually with separate interfaces. Boron metal is amongst the hardest materials from the earth’s crestjoined with the aluminum metal, it is known that one side of boron and aluminum plates are appropriately knurled and afterward adhesively bonded with an epoxy which perform as binder and consolidated by using heavy upsetting press. Processes of tensile tests have been carried out with a hydraulic machine where three specimens with the same geometry were tested which all of them showing alike stress-strain curves. These results of tensile tests were clearly indicated the nature of ductility.

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