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Partial Replacement of Cement By Bone Ash

Author : Dr.A.S.Kanagalakshmi 1 J.Vindhya 2

Date of Publication :7th May 2016

Abstract: Bone mineral is a complex chemical made up of calcium which can be used as a partial replacement for cement in concrete structures. Since the amount of carbon di oxide released during the manufacturing of cement. In order to reduce the carbon di oxide, bone ash can be used as an effective replacement of cement. This study investigated replacement of bone ash varying from 5%-20% in a mix of 1:1.5:3. The compressive strength of the cubes casted was tested and the results show that ,when the replacement is 10% then the strength of concrete is more than the actual strength. Whereas the specific gravity of bone ash in only 1.59 and hence the mixing should be done in volume basis. The results suggests that workability was within the safe permissible limit but the compressive strength of concrete dropped but it was also within the safe permissible limits for light weight concrete. The replacement of bone ash should not be more than 10%.

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