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Power Generation From Locomotive Rooftops

Author : Ramesh B. T 1 Beeresh Chatrad 2

Date of Publication :7th May 2016

Abstract: This paper describes about the modified locomotive roof top that can generate electricity. The new modification of the locomotive roof top is by adding the blade/fins to the horizontal shaft to help it to spin faster and more efficient. Optimum design and performance of the system also discussed. This system is suitable to use for the high speed wind places. The system is containing the combination of the DC generator, roof top wind turbine, batteries. This system managed to produce 12 Vdc to 14 Vdc to charge the 12 Vdc batteries system. The operational concept of the system is the load will use the energy from the batteries that charged using locomotive roof top. The observed performances of system are the voltage and current of the roof top wind turbine, batteries and the load.

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