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Effect of Geotextile on Unpaved Roads

Author : S.Theerka Dharshini 1 M.Lokesh 2 D.Nanda Kishore 3 K.Sasidharan 4 M.Vimalanathan 5

Date of Publication :7th May 2016

Abstract: Unpaved roads are usually used for low volume traffic and it serve as access roads for rural areas. The performance of the unpaved roads depends on properties of the sub-grade soil . The geotextiles are used in the sub-base to improve the performance of the soil. However, the use of geotextile is uneconomical but it increases the service life of the unpaved roads and avoids large deformation in the roads. The maintenance cost for this type of roads is somewhat low compared to the roads without geotextile . This study is carried out experimentally, utilising the CBR testing arrangement. The penetration relation of the sub grade-woven geotextile-gravel, sub grade-nonwoven geotextile-gravel and sub grade-gravel is evaluated using CBR test. This test shows that the performance of the unpaved road is improved with the inclusion of the geotextile.

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