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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design & Analysis of Twisted Tape Twist Ratio Performance of Heat Exchanger

Author : Shiju.J 1 Hariharan.C 2

Date of Publication :7th May 2016

Abstract: Nowadays, heat exchanger becomes the prominent application for sensible cooling and sensible heating applications. Heat exchanger size is the critical criteria due to availability various heat transfer augmentation techniques. Twist tape inserts is the one of the heat transfer augmentation techniques. In this work deals with the design of twisted tube heat exchanger using design calculations. Then Computational fluid dynamics analysis will be carried out on plain double pipe heat exchanger and its thermal performance parameters like surface heat transfer coefficient, surface Nusselt number, pressure drop and thermal resistance will be estimated for various Reynolds number . The same analysis will be carried over same heat exchanger with twist tape insert with various twist ratios. Twist ratio is the ratio of length of one twist to diameter of inner tube. Finally, the he thermal performance parameters like surface heat transfer coefficient, surface Nusselt number, pressure drop and thermal resistance will be compared and validated with available correlations in the literature for various Reynolds number. To carry out this analysis same type fluid will be used in the both the tubes and heat exchanger material will be considered as Aluminum. All this CFD analysis will be carried out with Ansys CFX 14.0 and it will be carried out by using k - ? turbulence model and Governing equations are solved by adopting a control volume-based finite-Volume method with a high resolution scheme on an orthogonal non-uniform staggered grid and the pressure based terms of momentum equations are solved by the computational fluid dynamics.

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