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Development of Self Balancing Prototype of Two Wheeled Vehicle by Using Gyro Stabilizer

Author : Shubhendra P. Singh 1 - 2

Date of Publication :7th May 2016

Abstract: Gyrostabilizers are anticipated to be as appropriately desired system to provide stability for two wheeled vehicles. This paper focuses on the concept of developing the two wheeled vehicle prototype to exhibit the working of gyrostabilizer (or gyroscope) for providing stability. The stabilization of two wheeled vehicle works as torque applied externally on vehicle is neutralized by torque produced by gyroscope. When torque is applied vertically on the gyroscope normally to its spin axis, this causes to develop precession motion which process the gyroscope along its perpendicular axis. As following, the torque developed by gyroscope will counter the applied torque causes vehicle to be in equilibrium (i.e., gyroscopic effect). This paper exemplifies the latter described system in static condition. But, the paper also introduces further the development of the vehicle in dynamic condition. In this system, sensors with modified gyro wheel are implemented. Sensors actuate the gyro wheel according to the tilt of the vehicle to provide same magnitude of the torque exerted, externally

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