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Comparative Study of Various Digesters for a Rural Community Biogas Plant

Author : Rohan N. Khedekar 1 Prashant Jain 2

Date of Publication :7th May 2016

Abstract: Energy requirement is increasing and fossil fuels resources are limited, therefore we should consider renewable energy as solution to our problem; but till today renewable energy is economically not an attractive option. Biogas is renewable fuel which generates from decomposition of bio-degradable waste under anaerobic condition; such condition can be maintained by biogas digester, which is important part of biogas plant and having 60-70% cost of total plant cost. Biogas and slurry produced from digester are renewable fuel and organic fertilizer; which makes it economical option, by choosing right digester it can be more economical, therefore The objective of this paper is to discuss the performance of various types of digester and a comparison between different digester. This comparison gives idea of which digester is better option for community Biogas Plant. Also it can empower communities by providing them with tools they can maintain and use themselves.

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