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Design and Development of Vertical Agitator

Author : R.H.Pardeshi 1 Prof.I.M.Quraishi 2

Date of Publication :7th July 2016

Abstract: Mixing is one of the most primary operations in industries like chemical, Biochemical, paper, food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications. Though the customer have standard sized agitator with standard parameters but this method is time consuming as well as it consumes the more power for a batch type process. So the customer needs to design optimum agitator which runs with optimum power and time to perform its function. Further he requires small sized agitator which runs continuously without interruption the process flow. In this work the power requirement for small size agitator to mix two fluids are analyzed with optimum time. This paper describes the mechanical design of agitator to mixing polyectrolyte having viscosity 1.5cp considering the fluid forces that are imposed on the impeller by the fluid. The analysis shows that the forces are a result of turbulent flow of fluid and static fluid forces. The loads are dynamic and are transmitted from the impeller blades to the agitator shaft and then to the gear box. Agitator design is often though as the application of two engineering disciplines. The first step is process design from a chemical viewpoint and involves the specification of the impeller pattern, speed, temperature and blade angle etc. The next step in the design sequence is the mechanical design of the agitator component. The approach is straight forward design for the power (torque & speed) then shaft loads. The experiment is carried out for agitator 500 liter of capacity. Drawback of the old agitator is removed. The old agitator does not gives homogeneous mixing

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