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Some of the Optimal Process Parameters of Solid Wire Gas Metal Arc Welding Using Neural Network Technique And Simulation Using Ansys

Author : Saritprava Sahoo 1 Dr.Mamata Padhy 2 Jagadiswar Rao Kotari 3

Date of Publication :7th September 2016

Abstract: GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) is an arc welding process which is widely used in industry to join the metals. In this present work we have investigated the effect of varying welding parameters on the weld bead quality of Mild Steel flat having 12mm thickness. The chosen input parameters for the study are Welding Voltage, Welding Current and the travel speed of welding torch. The output parameters chosen are Weld Bead Width, Weld Bead Height, Depth of Penetration and Depth of Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). The four levels of experimental set-ups for each of the input parameters are considered and other process parameters are kept constant for the study. Hence the total numbers of experimental set-ups are 64 and the corresponding values of output parameters are found. As this is a Multi-Response Problem, it is being optimized to Single-Response Problem using Weighted Principal Components (WPC) Method. Artificial Neural Networks (sANN), Error Back Propagation Procedure is being used for the prediction of optimal process parameters for GMAW process in this present work. The finite element analysis of residual stresses in butt welding of two similar plates is performed with the ANSYS software

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