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Multipurpose Medical Bed

Author : Jerin Joseph John 1 Jemin Johnson 2 Jeffin C Joy 3 Geo John 4 Asish Johnson 5

Date of Publication :7th September 2016

Abstract: Our country, India is seeing a tremendous rise in the number or disabled personalities. Mobility aids are useful for patients for transportation and itís a substitute for patients for walking in environments both indoor and outdoor. Wheelchairs and stretchers or medical beds are usually employed medical equipment for the transportation of patients. Transferring the patients from medical bed to stretcher or to wheel chair or vice versa is always an issue for the attendant or nurse. Understanding the various issues regarding the current mobility medical equipment and introducing a better design will be an asset for the medical field and a better, reliable solution for disabled individuals. Thus a need arises for a wheelchair cum stretcher cum medical bed to facilitate the disabled patientís mobility and to provide a simple cheaper and an efficient medical equipment for use in the Indian hospitals. Hence our project ďMULTIPURPOSE MEDICAL BEDĒ is introduced to solve problems related to the conventional medical care equipment and would be cheap and affordable and could be efficiently used in hospitals to save space, time and to provide better care to the required

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