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Design of Pipe Inspection And Cleaning Robot For Horizontal And Vertical Pipelines (A concept)

Author : Gowtham.S 1 2

Date of Publication :7th September 2016

Abstract: a report is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially on programmable by a computer. A recent development of a robot is a pipe inspection robot. This is a robot that is used to check the damages that occur in pipes, where human reach is literally impossible. Pipe inspection robot is mainly used to check the deformities that occur in pipes during a long duration of its application. To counter all these defects, constant repairs is required. Since human reach is literally impossible in huge industrial as well as commercial pipelines, pipe inspection robots have come into existence. In our design of pipe inspection robot, it captures the entire video of the pipeline as well as it helps in clearing the clogs present in the horizontal as well as vertical pipelines. Initially the robot is inserted within the pipeline. Led is activated and the video is captured. The BO motor helps in providing 360o rotation of the video. While moving through a vertical pipeline, Vacuumed rubbers are present activated by alever in turn by a remote which is externally handled. The mechanical arms for the robot to cleanse the waste along its way. Once it comes out of the pipeline, the video captured is processed and suitable actions are take to counter the defects in the pipeline. The advantages of these robots are: In most cases, it is difficult for the inspectors to examine the pipeline for an effects, However with this robot it is easier to detect the pipe defects in horizontal as well as vertical pipelines: relativs cost of manufacturing the robot is less and image capturing and processing is easier; The robot is very less in weight as it acrylic materials as its supporting linkages.

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