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Estimation of Surface Run off by Swat Model for a Watershed in Punpun Basin

Author : Dr. Subha Sinha 1 2

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) having an interface with QGIS software (QSWAT 1.3) was selected for the estimation of surface runoff from an area of Punpun basin near Patna an intermediate watershed of Punpun river, located in southern Bihar region. The model was run and validated with the observed runoff for the years 2005-2010. The performance of the model was evaluated using statistical and graphical methods to assess the capability of the model in simulating the surface runoff from the study area. According to the model, the value for the surface runoff was maximum for the year 2007 as 710 mm/yr and was minimum for the year 2005 with about 185 mm/yr. As per the observed values of discharge from the CWC and the calculated values for surface runoff by SWAT for these years were different by about 10 to 11%.

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