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Recent Advances in the Development of Nanotechnology for Bio Medical NanoApplications & Different Approaches

Author : Dr. T.C.Manjunath 1 Pavithra G 2 Satvik M. Kusagur 3 Spoorthi J Jainar 4 Dr. Arunkumar G 5

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: This paper presents a brief review about the recent advances in the field of nano-technology. The word nano-technology means different to different people. For some, it conjures up images of fabulous new materials, lighter and stronger than steel. Others envision microscopic robots that clean plague from our arteries and tartar from our teeth. Nanotechnology has captured the attention of the scientific community, the media and now, the public. In the purest sense, Nanotechnology is the science of small…very small things measured in units called nanometers, which is one-billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology, better known as Molecular Nanotechnology, uses well-known physical properties of atoms and molecules to make novel devices with extraordinary properties. The technology completely abides by the laws of physics. This review paper would introduce you to the world of Nanotechnology in an exorbitant manner. The theory behind this extraordinary technology is Molecular Building Blocks. These blocks manipulate matter on nano-scale and this is an inevitable consequence of continued advancement in the fields of chip manufacture, biology, chemistry, computers and several major scientific disciplines. The future with nanotechnology is quite promising and sure to effect the present technology dynamically. This review paper definitely gives a total grip on the basic of nano-technology, especially those who want to purse a career in this exciting & dynamic field.

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