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Green Engine

Author : Arunkumar.A 1 Aruna Shanbhog 2 Kiran Kumar.N 3 H R Gagandeep 4 Kiran Kumar.M 5

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: The paper describes about the green engine, which is one of the most interesting discoveries of the new millennium. It has got some unique features when compared to other contemporary engines. This engine is one of the piston less with features like High expansion ratio, strong swirling, sequential variable compression ratio, direct intake etc. The efficiency of this engine is very high and also the exhaust emissions are near zero. The significance of the engine lies in the efficiency when the present world is facing some serious problems regarding energy crisis. Various researches on this engine is being carried out and yet to find the demerits of this engine. Generators have been produced by using green engine. Hence the GREEN ENGINE is the ENGINE OF FUTURE.

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