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Implementation of Direct Drive Technologies into Electric Vehicles

Author : Tharun K 1 Surya S 2 Venkatesh R 3 Vishnu Varman K 4 N Rajesh Kumar 5

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: “The development of electrical direct drives has reduced the need for mechanical drive components for several machines. A Direct Drive Technology is one that takes the power coming from a motor without any reduction, i.e. no transmission components are used. In our case study, we have approached a theory on removing the transmission parts of automobiles such as shafts, chains, belts. And to use the direct drive motor to the wheel. A design is in progress to fit the field coils into chassis and the permanent magnets are placed on the wheel’s rim. The field coil is connected to a battery and becomes temporarily magnetized once the circuit is closed. The motion is achieved due to the attraction between the field coil and the magnetic strip. A magnetic flux shield is being put to use to avoid unnecessary attraction of ferrous materials presents on the road. This new technology significantly improves the overall efficiency of Automobiles.”

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