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Design and Development of Blood Sample Analyzer Using Intelligent Machine Vision Techniques

Author : Keerthana.D 1 Ranganathan.L 2

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: The implementation of a new methodology to design and develop an intelligent portable blood analyzing device to detect blood group identification and blood count applications in RBC and WBC. The analysis of blood testing is done using the feature extraction of blood samples in image processing and by using an adaptive Hough transform techniques. The aim of this project is for switching over from manual method of blood grouping to the automated method which is used to decrease the risks of human error and ensure reliability and traceability in each step of the test performed. The simulation of blood group identification is done with the help of MATLAB 15 software. The hardware is done using the python language in Raspberry pi processor. The blood cell smears and blood group images were obtained from APOLLO Specialty Hospital, Perungudi. The proposed image processing based identification of blood groups of different patients will be very helpful for automatic, sleek and effective diagnosis of the groups and the diseases

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