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Real Time Patient Health Monitoring and Alarming Wireless Sensor Network

Author : Sachchidanand Jha 1 Dr. V. Natrajan 2

Date of Publication :7th November 2016

Abstract: Now a days due to gradual change in climate and due excessive pollution human health problem is one of the serious thing in our day to day life. Hence it is important to monitor the human health in real-time and alarm the change in human body for patient health, especially for patients suffering from diseases during their normal life. The proposed system has an Embedded ARM microcontroller connected to a set of medical sensors (related to the patient case) and a wireless communication module (GSM). Each patient is considered as a node in a wireless sensor network and connected to a central node installed at the medical center through an internet connection. The embedded ARM microcontroller checks if the patient health status is going well or not by analyzing the scanned medical signals. If the analysis results are abnormal, the embedded unit uses the patient's phone to transmit these signals directly to the medical center. In this case, the doctor will send medical advice to the patient to save his/her life.. The programming is compiled through Embedded C software, which is an open-source platform and the simulation of interfacing of components is done by using Proteus 8 Professional software.

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