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Biodegrdation of Polyethylene : A Review

Author : Revati Bhave 1 Mr.S.J.Mane 2

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: Ever increasing population, urbanization and modernization posing problem of plastic waste disposal and contamination of land as well surface and subsurface water. Plastic is disposed of ultimately into water bodies and get clogged due to which aquatic habitats get hampered and animals die by consuming plastic when disposed of in open garbage and remain uncollected. It has been observed that in many cities solid waste is not collected on regular intervals and remain littered. Hence treating it effectively so as to minimize pollution becomes the best solution. Polymers are synthetic substances produced by chemical reaction. Plastics are basically polymers that consist of monomers linked together by chemical bond. In the present review, an attempt has been made to put together all available literature on Biodegradation of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) with following objectives: 1. Brief mechanism of Polyethylene Degradation 2. Sources and effects of polyethylene. 3. Potential of Specific microorganism in degrading Polyethylene. 4. Various techniques for the analysis of degradation.

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