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Review Paper on Use of STP Sludge as a Construction Material

Author : Miss Mulay Susmita Sunil 1 Mr.Dr.Gupta Anilkumar 2

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: Human activities on earth produce considerable quantities of waste, which increases due to rise in population. That is more than 2700 million tons per year, including industrial and agricultural waste from rural and urban societies. Now a day, Brick is one of the most important masonry unit as a building material due to its properties. Many attempts have been made to incorporate wastes into the production of bricks. In this paper we experimentally describe the recycling of the waste products like STP Sludge by incorporating it into bricks. It is a practical solution for problems like cost expenditure on waste management and its effect on environment. The STP sludge and Fly ash is extremely close to brick clay in chemical com-position The sewage treatment process generates a sludge that must be dis-posed-off in an environmentally sound manner. The sludge generated in most of the treatment systems around the world is dis-charged into the nearest watercourse. Among all disposal options, the use of sludge in producing constructional elements is considered to be the most economic and environmentally sound option. This paper reviews the recycle of sewage treatment plant sludge and Fly ash against fired clay bricks. Bricks so formed have adequate crushing strength, hardness and water absorption. So, it could be a potential substitute for clay bricks.

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