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Finite Element Analysis of Laminated Natural Fiber Epoxy based Composite

Author : Mr.Akshay L. Mahadik 1 Mr.Aditya J. Yalrute 2 Mr.Amar B. Sutar 3 Mr.Nihal R. Tarlekar 4 Mr.Shailesh S. Kokate 5

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: Nowadays there is rising demand for renewable products and materials in order to avoid the problem of collapse of landfill site, global waste, increasing oil prices. High mechanical strength, renewability and biodegradability are benefits of natural fibers compared to conventional composites. This work emphases on the analysis of mechanical properties of reinforced natural fiber epoxy based composite. A Finite Element Analysis of Natural Fiber epoxy based composite subjected to tensile loading is presented in this paper. To develop three dimensional linear finite element model in order to investigate behaviors of Natural fiber laminated composite material under tensile testing, ANSYS15 software has been used. The property of material was obtained on the basis of some assumptions (with reference to rule of mixture) and model developed with reference to ASTM D638. Also orientation of natural fiber is considered during analysis. After tensile test, the deflection, displacement and maximum value of stress and strain were obtained. This project work provides the research for doing their tensile test analysis for various fiber and resin with help of procedure derived in this project work. The analytical research offers certain practical values in Natural fiber laminated composite with good commercial future.

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