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Analysis of effect of Fiber Orientation & Stacking Sequence on Bending Strength of I-Section Composite Beam

Author : Ashish A. Desai 1 Sagar D. Patil 2 Pravin H. Yadav 3 Sadanand M. Ghanvat 4 Milind A. Patil 5

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: The composite thin-walled beams like I-beams are extensively used as chief structural elements. Composite load carrying structures like aircraft wings, skin, tail planes have solid stiffeners for efficient load bearing abilities. This paper is intended to provide tools that ensure better designing options for composite laminates of I -beam. In this Paper an analytical method & FEM approach calculating bending stiffness, bending stress, bending strain of flange and web laminates. The results show the stacking sequence and fiber angle orientation strongly affects strength of composite I-beam

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