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Review on Direct, Indirect and Mixed Mode Solar Dryer

Author : Mr. Avesahemad S.N. Husainy 1 Mr. Sumit G. Bardiya 2 Mr. Sujit V. Kumbhar 3 Mr. Shailesh K. Kokate 4 Mr. Shitalkumar. J. Patil 5

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: India is the agricultural dominated country. Food problem arises in most developing countries mainly due to the inability to preserve food surpluses rather than due to low production. Hence preservation of agricultural food/crop is very essential to avoid the wastage. Solar energy is abundantly available with us but because of frequently cloud, drying of agricultural product is not effective for special crop like grapes, fig, turmeric, etc. In order to preserve and protect food crop from bacterial growth solar dryer is to be designed. Drying is the process in which moisture of the product can be removed without hampering the nutrients. Mostly direct and indirect mode solar dryer is used to drying the agricultural product. Natural and forced convection solar dryers are used for so many agricultural products. There is tremendous research is going on in solar drying technology to improve the performance of solar dryer. Experimentally it is proved that solar drying technology is economical viable and possible. Thermal energy can be store in solar drying system to improve the performance of solar dryer using different phase change material. In this review paper, we revived direct mode, indirect mode and mixed mode solar dryer for various agricultural crop.

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