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Development on Mixed Mode Solar Dryer for Ginger

Author : Mr. Manoj P. Undure, 1 Mr. Vaibhav B. Patil 2 Mr. Digvijay D. Shinde 3 Mr. Avesahemad S.N. Husainy 4

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: In most developing countries, food preservation is a major problem. Farmers fulfill all food requirements, by giving good quality of products to the end users. But they fail to preserve the food for long time. Preservation is the technique in which food can be saved for a long time. Generally farmers prefer open sun drying for drying the agricultural products. In the rural areas of our country there is a very large amount of production of food, but because of lack of facilities there is no any special provision for drying. So they prefer the conventional open sun drying, but this method is not so effective, because it requires more time for drying. Also quality of the product gets hampered. In order to avoid such difficulties in preservation of food, solar drying is to be introduced. In this paper we made a solar dryer for ginger. Solar dryer have shown a very good result in preservation of the ginger from wastage, poisoning and other contaminants. The solar dryer is solely depending upon the renewable energy of sun. It does not use any fossil fuel for burning

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