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Investigation of Heat Transfer Co-Efficient in Cylindrical Shaped PIN-FINS

Author : Sharad N. Koyale 1 Ruturaj N. Londhe 2 Vaibhav G. Talandage 3

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: Pin-fin heat sinks show their great merits of thermal management in high heat flux devices in micro-electronics, energy and aerospace and in heat exchange equipment. Compact heat transfer mechanism is needed to remove the heat flux and increasing heat transfer rate. In this study, three cylindrical pin-fins with different materials i.e. mild steel, brass and aluminium are of same sizes studied experimentally with forced heat transfer technique. How the efficiency and heat transfer rate are affected by the changing in Reynolds number. Heat transfer coefficient changes by changing the material and flow properties, result in an increasing heat transfer rate over the plane channel. This study is to experimentally examine the effect of cylindrical pin-fins of brass, aluminium and mild steel on the heat transfer rate at various Reynolds number with considerable practical importance.

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