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Case Study on PLC Operated Automatic Handling Systems in Mechanical Industry

Author : Shubham S. Mane 1 Pranav S. Anuje 2 S.A.Soundattikar 3

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: To withstand the global competition, industries today are focusing on the automation. In present era, higher satisfaction of the customer is the main motto of the Industry, and this can be brought about by Automation. Material Handling System and in packaging industries, automation has played a vital role. Polymer industries face problems in the form of removing hot SPRUE from die cavity ,increased cycle time and safety of workers ,so introducing automated sprue picker machine controlled by PLC and comprising of pneumatic actuators, reed sensors and mechanical grippers, which replaces the labour invention , is a better plan for organizations stepping towards fully automated systems . The paper includes the current problems with the existing systems, and proposed system with its components used for drastically reducing the handling time ensuring safety and accuracy in the manufacturing environment.

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