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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Indian Number Plate Recognition using MATLAB

Author : Ms. Snehal B. Salunkhe 1 Mr. Swapnil M. Jawahire 2

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: The Indian vehicles number plates detection is the most interesting and challenging research topic from past few years. It is observed that the number plates of vehicles are in different shape and size and also have different color in various countries. This paper presents an approach based on simple but efficient morphological operation with edge detection method. This approach is simplified to segmented all the letters and numbers used in the number plate by using bounding box method. After segmentation of numbers and characters present on number plate, template matching approach is used to recognition of numbers and characters. The concentrate is given to locate the number plate region properly to segment all the number and letters to identify each number separately.

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