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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Thermal Energy Storage in Solar Water Heating System by Using Paraffin Wax P- 60

Author : Mr. Vaibhav B. Patil 1 Mr. Manoj P. Undure 2 Mr. Avesahemad S.N. Husainy 3 Mr.Vinay S. Killedar 4 [5] Mr. Rohan R. Magdum 5

Date of Publication :7th February 2017

Abstract: Conventional energy sources are exhausted day by day. Hence the time has come to switch over this problem and produce environment friendly renewable energy sources. Sun is abundantly available with us. There are ‘n’ numbers of application of solar energy like solar water heating, solar drying, solar distillation, solar pond, wind mill etc. But limitation of solar energy is, it is only available in day time. Hence efficiency of solar application is low. In order to improve the efficiency of solar application thermal energy storage is a best method. In solar water heating application thermal energy storage is very effective. In solar water heating thermal energy storage can be done by using PCM like paraffin wax and sodium thiosulphate. Paraffin wax absorbs heat energy from solar water heater during day time in the form of latent heat and dissipates this energy when sun rays are not available. This energy storage fulfills the gap between the energy source, the sun, and the application. So the thermal energy storage is essential in the solar water heating system.

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