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Design and Coupled Field Analysis of Ceramic Coated Petrol Engine Piston

Author : Deepak Kumar Yadav 1 G. Veeerbhadra 2 Prakash Reddy 3 Suraj Kumar 4 PothamsettyKasi V Rao 5

Date of Publication :23rd March 2017

Abstract: Piston is made of aluminium alloys is a crucial part in internal combustion engine. When the combustion of fuel take place insides the engine cylinder, high pressure and high temperature will be developed as the engine will operate at high load and at high speed. As a result of this high thermal and high structural stresses in the piston is produced inside the engine cylinder and if these stresses exceeds the designed values, the failure of piston take place. To avoid the failure of the piston thermal and structural intensity should be reduced to safe allowable limits. In this work an attempt is made to reduce the thermal and structural stress intensity by coated the piston with ceramic material. Thezirconium-based ceramic coatings are used as thermal barrier coatings owing their low conductivity and their relatively high coefficient of thermal expansion. The main objective is to investigate and analyze the structural and thermal stress distribution of the piston at the real engine condition during combustion process. The analysis is carried out to reduce the stress concentration on the upper end of the piston .i.e. piston head/crown and piston skirt and sleeve using ANSYS software. The result obtained is compared to select the better material for piston manufacturing.

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