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Performance of DI Diesel Engine with Rice Bran Biodiesel and Al203 Nano Additive

Author : P.Jaya Prakash 1 G.Ravindra Reddy 2 B.Siddeswara Rao 3

Date of Publication :15th March 2017

Abstract: The depleting of fossil fuels has simulated the worldwide search for the alternate fuels. As our country is an agricultural based one and large amount of land is available, production of Rice bran biodiesel will be more advantageous for our farmers. The Rice bran biodiesel is a perfect replacement to diesel because this is derived from indigenous sources and is renewable. But due to its high viscosity and lower calorific value it cannot be directly used in the diesel engine without major modifications to the engine. Hence in the present work it is planned accordingly to use the combination of diesel and biodiesel in the ratio of 80% diesel and 20% Rice bran oil (B20). The combustion of the engine depends on the flow capability of the fuel. With the higher viscosity, Rice bran oil fluidity will be less and this can be improved with the addition of nano additives. Further the investigation is planned to study the effect of Aluminum Oxide Nano particles as additive on the performance and emission characteristics of Rice bran biodiesel blend (B20). It is blended with Aluminum Oxide Nano particle in mass fraction of 50 ppm,100 ppm and 150 ppm. The whole investigation is carried out in a constant speed vertical cylinder water cooled DI Diesel Engine. The performance parameters are analyzed and the results are presented. Aluminum oxide nano particles act as an oxygen buffer which improves the combustion results in increase the Brake thermal efficiency and reduction in the Exhaust emissions.

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