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Development of Aluminium 6061 Silicon Carbide (SiC) Composites using Stir Casting Technique

Author : P. Bhanu Prakash 1 V. Ramya 2 K. Brahma Raju 3 K.Venkata Subbaiah 4 N. Manikandan 5

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: Nowadays modern manufacturing system is enforced to find out the new material such as metal matrix composite or ceramic matrix composite. The aim of this research is to invent the aluminium based metal matrix composite such as 80% of Al 6061-20% of SiCp. The aluminum 6061 alloy based composite is prepared through stir casting route. Then the composite is heat treated at the critical temperature. After heat treatment, the mechanical properties of composite are compared with aluminium alloy 6061. Microstructural and fractography analysis have been done by using Optical and Scanning Electron Microscope. Mechanical properties of both heat-treated and as fabricated composites showed a high dependence on the ceramic content. The yield, ultimate tensile strength, and the elastic modulus of the material were increased with volume fraction of carbide, whereas the ductility was decreased. The tensile properties are seen to vary significantly with ageing treatment

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