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Comparative Study on CBR Values of Expansive Soil Using Different Industrial Effluents

Author : K. V. N. Laxma Naik 1 S. Bali Reddy 2

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: In this paper the effect of industrial effluents on CBR behavior has been studied. The soil used in this investigation is classified as “SC” as per Indian Standard Classification system. It is highly expansive nature as the differential free swell index (DFSI) is about 255%.The California bearing ratio tests are conducted on the soil treated with tannery and battery effluents at different percentages from 20 to 100% in increment of 20% Tests are also conducted on untreated soil for comparison. The results show that CBR values are increased for tannery effluent and CBR strength is decreased for battery effluent. These results helps for further study in different accepts.

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