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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
An Experiental Investigation on Fresh And Durability Properties of Self Compacting Concrete using Various Blended Cements

Author : P.Manjula 1 Prof C. Sashidhar 2

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: Self compacting concrete is a concrete that can flow through congested reinforcing bars with elimination of compaction, and without undergoing any significant segregation and bleeding. SCC requires high volume of cement and sand. Use of high volume of cement increases CO2 emissions and leads to the green house effect, and continuous digging of sand from rivers causes depletion of rivers and creates lot of environmental problems. Use of supplementary materials may reduce the above problems with-out altering the SCC performance. This paper presents the fresh and durability properties of SCC using supplementary Cementatious materials like fly ash (25%), silica fume (10%) or Metakaolin (10%) robo sand in place of natural sand; coarse aggregate of size 12mm; GLINIUM 8630 as super plasticizer. The mix proportions were calculated by following European Federation of National Associations for Representing Concrete (EFNARC) guidelines. Mixes were prepared and tested for results. Slump flow, V-funnel and L-box tests are conducted to examine the fresh properties, acid (HCl&H2SO4) resistant and dry shrinkage are for the durability studies. This study shows that quaternary blended cement gives fresh properties and durability properties better than the ternary blended SCC

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