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Numerical Simulation of Bird Strike on a Curved Plate

Author : Anugya R. Singh 1 M. D. Goel 2

Date of Publication :9th March 2017

Abstract: Bird strike, being a catastrophic problem, has led to many horrendous accidents throughout the world in aviation industry. To get over this problem, a lot of research has been done in the past and still new materials and their combinations are being explored for minimal damage under such accidents. In the present work, an attempt has been made to numerically simulate the bird strike on curved plate where bird is simulated using a projectile and curved plate acts as a part of nose of an airplane. In the present investigation, plate is made of aluminum alloy (7075-T6). This alloy is most commonly used in aviation industry due to its high strength to weight ratio, machinability and relatively low cost. Numerical simulation is carried out using commercially available Finite Element (FE) package ABAQUS®. Herein, three birds namely, herring gull, golden eagle, and Canadian geese are studied for considering the effect of mass and size of the bird. In this numerical simulation, sizes and mass of these three birds are chosen due to their frequent strike in many parts of the world. Each bird is given three different velocities and their impact on curved plate are studied considering the effect of variation of mass, plate thickness and velocity. A simpler approach is applied to numerically simulate the complicated phenomenon of bird strike. The results show that with increase in mass and velocity, damage on the curved plate increases whereas, increase in thickness of plate resulteds in reduced damage.

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