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Relative Study of Analysis of PSC Girder and Steel Girderbridge Superstructure Using MIDAS-CIVIL

Author : Chavan Dinesh 1 Dr. A. S. Santhi 2 Mr. Vinayagamoorthy Marriappan 3

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: Composite Bridge is a type of bridges that are being used now-a-days on a large scale for the construction of various kinds of flyovers to ease the traffic flow. This paper deals with the Comparative study between PSC girder composite bridge and steel composite superstructure to come to an optimum section for given span of 22.8m with application of Indian standard loading as per IRC. It was done with the help of a finite element bridge software MIDAS-CIVIL. The superstructure is applied with all the required loadings and after-loading effects such as Bending -moment, Deformation etc. have been analyzed and the best suitable choice of section is being concluded also considering the prevailing rates of construction cost to be adopted.

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