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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Simplified Model for Shear Strength Prediction of RC Exterior Beam-Column Joints

Author : Kanak N. Parate 1 Dr. Ratnesh Kumar 2

Date of Publication :14th March 2017

Abstract: Poor performance RC beam-column joints have been recognized as the main cause of failure of many RC framed buildings in the past earthquakes. The techniques to determine the strength of joints have been proposed by many researchers; however, the significant difference observed between the results of experimental and analytical models. The experimental database consisting of 100 exterior joints from the literature have been considered for the parametric analysis. In present study the influence of various significant parameters such as concrete compressive strength, beam longitudinal reinforcement, column axial load, dimensions of interconnecting beam and column, and joint shear reinforcement have been evaluated and an empirical joint shear strength model has been proposed. The model considers the appropriate contribution of various aforementioned parameters. The predictions of proposed joint shear strength model along with the earlier proposed six empirical models have been compared with the experimental database. It has been observed that the prediction of the proposed model is more precise than other previously proposed models. Moreover, the proposed model is comprehensive and simplified, and can be readily used in design offices.

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