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Sustainable Smart Structures

Author : Kanchan S. Takale 1 Saurabh D. Lakhamapure 2 Swapnil R. Satone 3

Date of Publication :14th March 2017

Abstract: A structure malleable to the altering environmental conditions can be termed as a Smart Structure. Smart structures sense the changes in the structure when they are subjected to extreme conditions like vibrations. Smart structures sense and inform the user about the damages in the structure. They alter the material characteristics and properties to sustain or to prevent the damaging effects on the structure. They also optimize the performance of the structure under critical conditions. Some of the factors disturbing structural health are Differential Settlement, Earthquakes & Vibrations, Structural Distress and Corrosion of Reinforcement. This paper discusses these factors and smart or intelligent ways to prevent it. The smartness of the structure can be achieved by smart materials resulting from molecular modification to variable energy conditions. Smart materials Shape-Memory Alloys (SMA), Magneto- Rheological Fluids, Non-Corrodible Materials, etc. are used to deal the factors affecting structural health.

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