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Green Structural Design of Building using Advance Energy Efficient Material

Author : Mahesh R. Nalamwa 1 Dr. Dhananjay K.Parbat 2 Dr.D.P.Singh 3

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: With advance research in material technology, construction sector is using advance material at different stage of construction. AAC was used as construction material, which reduce the self weight of structure. AAC block are light weight and have less thermal conductivity as compared to traditional bricks. Due to use of advance energy efficient material for walls, energy consumption of building throughout the life span can be reduced. Paper deals with use of alternative material for construction of walls in building. Case study of flat scheme in seismic zone III, was presented to compare the base shear due to earthquake load, RCC estimate and reduction of carbon emission in atmosphere. Comparative was made between building constructed with tradition red brick wall and AAC brick wall. With use of advance building material saving in concrete quantity was observed. Carbon emission in atmosphere is reduced, hence structural designer can use the advance techniques to reduce the consumption of concrete and steel.

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