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A Review of Codes on Building Irregularities for Seismic Analysis

Author : Meenakshi Landge 1 Dr. R. K. Ingle 2

Date of Publication :14th March 2017

Abstract: Possibility of damage happening during earthquake ground motion is more where there are occurrences of structural weakness and this weakness generally produced because of the irregularity.The presence of structural irregularity changes the seismic response and the change in the seismic response depends upon the type of structural irregularities. In this paper, criteria and limits specified by IS 1893(Part 1) for different types of irregularities are discussed and standards defined by other countries (ASCE-7-10, NBCC2005, TEC2007, NZS1170 and EC8: 2004) have been compared. The code’s main advice for the designers is to avoid irregularities altogether if possible.Alsoto avoid casualties, architects should design appropriately and understand the dynamic behavior. To do that, the basis of seismic codes which are substantial bases should be used in architectural studies

Reference :

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