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Waste Foundry Sand as Fine Aggregate in Concrete for Resistance to Sulfuric Acid Attack

Author : Mr. Aasif M. Baig 1 Dr. Valsson Varghese 2

Date of Publication :8th March 2017

Abstract: The degradation of concrete sewer pipes by sulfuric acid attack is a problem of global scope, resulting in substantial economic losses each year. Waste Foundry Sand (WFS), offers a range of potential improvement mechanisms, used at various dosages to enhance the resistance of concrete made with Pozzolana Portland Cement to chemical sulfuric acid attack with variations in Concentration. The aim of this study is to observe the concrete resistance towards acid attack. The resistance to sulfuric acid of concrete specimens incorporating the Waste Foundry Sand was measured and compared to that of control specimen for both M20 and M40 grades. From the experimental results it is inferred that partial replacement of Waste foundry sand with Fine aggregate in concrete enhance the compressive strength of concrete specimen immersed for 7, 14 and 28 days in H2SO4 solution having concentration of 10%, 20% and 30% (by volume) with pH Value 1, compared with conventional Concrete. It has been observed that Waste foundry sand offers good resistance to acid effect with lesser loss in workability, particularly in higher grade of concrete as compared to lower grade. The mix with 15% waste foundry sand offered comparatively better solutions insisting the concrete modified with the same can be recommended for making good and acid resisting concrete. This study is very much beneficial since a sulfuric acid resistant concrete has been developed using Waste foundry sand as a substitute material to fine aggregate.

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