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Study on the Progressive Collapse Behaviour of Steel and RCC Moment Resisting Frames

Author : Rithika Nanaiya 1 Imtiyaz A Parvez 2 Kiran Kamath 3

Date of Publication :4th April 2017

Abstract: One of the key requirements for any major construction is the structural safety of the building along with the ability to resist partial or total collapse. One or more structural elements fail due to abnormal loading leading to the collapse of the entire structure progressively. This phenomenon is referred to as Progressive Collapse. Seismic loading may also cause progressive collapse of the structure due to repeated lateral loading on a critical load bearing element in a building in seismically prone regions. The capacity of a building has been analysed to resist collapse of a 15 storey 3D Steel and RCC moment resisting frames. They have been modelled and designed for seismic zone 5 as per Indian Standards using ETABS. Three scenarios of column removal namely middle, corner and interior has been studied by the linear method of analysis to arrive at the most critical location of column loss. The Demand Capacity Ratio (DCR) has been assessed in the critical regions as per the provisions of GSA guidelines. Further, the variation in the maximum vertical displacement values for both the steel and RCC structures has been compared. The study concludes that the loss of column in the corner location proved more susceptible to collapse by comparing the DCR values. It has also been observed that a steel building has the ability to resist collapse following the loss of a column when compared to an RCC building.

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