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Rehabilitation and Cost Effective house for Sustainable Rural Development - A Case Study of Landslide affected Dasgaon village in Maharashtra

Author : MihirPatilhande 1 KarthikNagarajan 2 SiddheshSatere 3 Pulkit Gupta 4

Date of Publication :5th April 2017

Abstract: Globally rehabilitation of housing in post-disaster situations, especially post landslides, earthquakes, floods, cyclones etc., have been extensively studied in the last few decades. The vital issue which universally is demanding is the kind of construction materials are to be used in such situations and how construction management will play it role. Hence the interest primarily relates to the large amount of economics that is invested in reconstructing large settlements either by the state or by voluntary agencies. More so, the major victims of any natural disaster across the globe are the poor, who lose their capacity to revive their lives. On 26th July 2005, out of many villages which suffered a major landslide disaster, a village named Dasgaon in Raigad district of Maharashtra faced heavy landslide which caused the destruction of life and property along with their dwellings. Our research study attempted to understand the cultural, technical, structural and economic complexities that were involved in rebuilding those dwellings and coming up with a cost-effective solution. The dwelling has been designed to withstand severe landslides, earthquakes and floods etc to the best considering all the above-said aspects. Illuminated by natural light during the day and with provisions for proper ventilation, this house is drafted to foster a healthy living. This research also emphasis in cost effective construction materials. We provided a dwelling for the poor villagers where a sense of stability of elementary values of protection exist and gave better livelihood To develop a framework within design where incremental physical development can take place within the settlement. This paper presents and applies a conceptual framework to deal with Nature’s vulnerability actions such as landslides, earthquakes, floods, cyclones etc. Drawing upon Construction Materials and Management based approaches, the conceptual agenda provides a unifying lens to examine links between knowledge, implementation and construction along with managerial techniques. The outcome is an integrated approach to provide a dwelling for the poor villagers where a sense of stability of elementary values of protection exist and gave better livelihood and to increase the opportunities for sustainable development.

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