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Extraction of Value Added Product From Waste Aluminium Dross

Author : Meet Rajeshkumar La lakiya 1 Pranab Das 2

Date of Publication :5th April 2017

Abstract: It is reported that the aluminium dross generated in aluminium industry is about 5 million tons in the world, but only half can be processed to recover aluminium from aluminium dross. India is expanding its aluminium scrap recycling industry, whose production capacity is at least 1.2 million tons per year. Aluminium production capacity in India is more than 1 million tons per year. In the next five years, India aluminium scrap recycling capacity and primary aluminium production capacity will be doubled. For primary aluminium industry, the aluminium loss is about 1-2%, which is more than 15,000.00 tons aluminium loss each year in the form of dross. Application of dross in ceramic industry is a novel and useful concept because dross contains more than 50% alumina. In the present work alumina was recovered from dross by both acid leaching (sulphuric acid and hydrochloric acid) and alkali addition (sodium hydroxide). The precursor materials were calcined at temperatures ranging between 900-1000°C resulting in the production of different varieties of alumina. Dependent on different acid addition, the generated alumina showed variable morphology under SEM studies. In a separate study the dross was chemically treated to remove undesirable impurities and its application as refractory lining material in furnaces is being investigated.

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