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Investigation of Drag Force of Car Body by Changing Rear Slant Angle Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software

Author : Pavankumar 1 R Sonawane 2 Dr. M. Chandrasekaran 3

Date of Publication :12th April 2017

Abstract: Drag force had significant contribution in the fuel consumption. The main objective of this paper is to determine the aerodynamic drag force for Car body by using computational fluid dynamics simulation software. In this paper the model of Car is created with the help of Computer Aided Design software. The magnitude of drag forces are determined by simulation run for rear slant angle of Car body. Afterward rear slant angle is varied by the span of 10 degrees. This time simulation run is carried out on these CAD car models to predict the drag forces for different velocities like 11.11 m/s, 16.66 m/s and 22.22 m/s. Wind tunnel experimentation is cost associated and time consuming work. This analysis shows that change in rear slant angle of the Car body from 55 to 45 degrees corresponds to reduction in drag force up to 16 %. The reduction in drag will lead to saving in fuel consumption.

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